Why Website Traffic Is Important?

Did you know that about 50% of website traffic today comes from mobile users? Mobile users have different requirements, they have different online behaviors and as such will require a different design from web users. For instance, mobile users need a user interface with less text cluster that won't overwhelm their small screens and big buttons that they can easily tap. According to stats, most internet users are on mobile devices and as such, it is important to ensure that your website is fully responsive to mobile otherwise you could be losing traffic from mobile users.

At RickaWeb, our web developers can help you build a responsive and adaptive web design that will suit a variety of screen sizes and devices. This way, the design of your website will dynamically change to accommodate mobile screens, thus decreasing the bounce rate for mobile users. A lower bounce rate means more website traffic, allowing more visitors to view your site and increasing your chances of converting them to paying customers.

Our team will evaluate the analytics of your business website, its design and architecture to enable us to develop an effective solution to making your site more responsive to boost traffic. Beyond a responsive web design, we will also implement our industry proven SEO strategy that will drive your website up on Google rankings to top search result pages and make you more visible to your target audience.

Contact RickaWeb today to discuss how we can help you increase your visibility and build a fully responsive web design that will boost visitor traffic on your website.

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